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March 23rd, 2007, 07:33 PM
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We are in the process of adopting from China as well. Our paperwork has been in China for 1 year already, but we still have a 4-5 month wait still ahead of us. The referral time frame for adoption from China at this time is around 16-17 months and it may stretch to two years.
Both parents must be 30 and have been married for 2 years (it may be more years married, but I don't think so). Your BMI cannot be over 40. You can have no history of mental problems, recent big surgeries, handicaps, etc. They are really cutting down on who can adopt. Oh, and no one over the age of 50 can adopt. So there you have it. I know you guys are a little young for China, but I wanted to let you know!

We looked into Guatemala as well, and almost adopted from there. You can get young babies and there isn't an age restriction. However, they are non-compliant with the Hague Convention and the US may stop adoptions with them by the end of the year. Hard to say if that will happen. I know they they are much more expensive than China in some aspects.

Korea - I think the youngest is 25. Taiwan is the same.
Good luck in your search.

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