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March 27th, 2007, 12:58 PM
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There was this guy I was kinda seeing a long time ago..before my DH and I got together. He and I were both recently divorced and both had a child. He was wonderful in so many ways seemingly...good job, nice looking, good with kids and really liked kids (He taught at the same school I did...), etc BUT one day, we got on the topic of labor and delivery somehow and he said he just couldn't handle being in the delivery room with his exwife when she had their daughter, he told me how he had been at a restaurant and she called when it was over and the whole topic turned me OFF to him !!!!! After that, I didn't see him in a romantic kind of way anymore and broke it off with him, although we were still colleagues and kinda friends. He ended up moving to another school district the next year.

When I am at my weakest points in life, I need a man to stand beside me...I knew he wasn't gonna be that man. Fortunately, my DH is a very strong man in the emotional sense and helps me feel better when I'm low or afraid or upset ...

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