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March 27th, 2007, 09:01 PM
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They say when it rain it pours. Well that is true at my house. I worked all day for the first time in about a week. I am so sore and sleepy. After work I took the girls to ballet and came home. DH was in a mood. I finally told him he either told me what was going on or get out of it because I wasn't in the mood for his attitude. I know that sound terrible but I am in one of those moods. My depression has gotten worse. I am going on day four of no meds and it is showing. I keeping tell myself I can make it but I am not sure. One thing I know by Friday I should be in rare form.

Anyway fastforward it to tonight. Finally dh told me what was going on. He might not have a job in a couple of weeks which is not good. No money, no insurance, etc. Both of us have medical issues. I have my issues and he has heart problems and diabetes. So we both depend on the insurance. I had insurance last year through the school but when I lost my aide position I lost the insurance. We have been through this before and I know we can make it through it again but it is so nerve wracking. Especially when I am having issues with my crohns, depression, and arithritis. And to top it off his dad wants to sell the farm which we go through this every season. I am so used to that comment that I think his dad is just saying it to get a rise out of my husband. So that is another issue.

I will online off and on. I am working this week so I will not be on during the day.
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