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March 30th, 2007, 09:14 PM
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My parents struggled with the same issue. There were four of us total (3 boys and me) and we had a four bedroom house. My parents had their room, I had mine, and there were two left to split between three boys. We are all two years apart so we are fairly close in age. One boy got his own room for a year. They determined who got their own room first by oldest to youngest. After a year the next oldest would get to move in. The two boys that had to share a room would get something special in their room - a computer, game console, tv, etc. The one that had their own room had to do a few more chores than the rest of us. Nothing major, but no one ever complained. It was never a big deal to move rooms because they all had the same beds, dressers, etc. Just move a few personal belongings.

It's hard if you have a girl and a boy. I suggest maybe letting the boy have something special in their room for having a smaller room. You know, a computer or a tv, or maybe even just some new toys?

Just some suggestions!
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