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March 31st, 2007, 12:33 PM
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My first child birth experience was not fun. She was 5 days late so every new mom can relate to what seems like forever when you go past your due date and the numerous calls you get along with the not so helpful tips on how to get that baby moving. Finally what we thought were contractions lead us to the hospital with a lovely reply of false labour, but at least we were finally headed in the right direction. The contractions continued through the night and into the next evening. My husband and I, to take a distractiuon would walk the dog non stop. At 11pm that night we went to the hospital which was extremly busy they had 36 women in the labour and delivery wing in labour so unfortunatly theer were no rooms left so they lol put up a hospital stretcher in what we like to call the supplies room. I had asked my mother to be with us during our special time along with my sis in law. My mother drove me nuts. Finally at 2 am I asked for something to take the edge off, they gave me some demeral. At 6 I asked the nurse why I wasnt' progressing her reponse to me was I was completly dialated but they were waiting for my water to break on its own. I told her to break. So they sent me off to the OR (only available room) called the doc and anesthesologist. The doc was no wear to be found and finally at 7 am he walked in the room looking as if he had just come from a golf While he got prep I was given the epidural. They broke my water and said it could still take awhile before she was born. My first child arrived at 7:20

Jonathan was late 8 days late. I went for my OB visit and she asked if I wanted to wait another few days or not. I decided that we would go ahead with an induction thi king it would be scheduled. Nope she sent me down stairs, my husband was at work and so I was frantically making arrangements as my dd was in daycare and trying to get a hold of him. They did the internal induction and after an hour the baby's heart rate started jumping allover. She took it out and said I was to stay overnight for observation and start the drip in the morning. Morning came and we started the drip. So while the contractions were happening we played cribbage and what not. At 1:30 I was 5 cm so the anesthesiologist came in and inserted the tube for the epidural just no drugs he said it was to early he will be back in a while. At 2 I told the nurse the baby is coming, she said the doc was on another floor she will page, I explained that I needed to push NOW! I will never forget the looks on thier faces when they went to check me and said I was completly dialated and the baby had crwoned. The doc came up and within 2 minutes my son was born with the amneotic fluid intack. Literally he was still in his sack. He rolled onto the table and than it broke. The nurses said it is a sign of luck. This boy is now a fanatic of water right from day one so I am not sure if that has something to do with it. 10 min later the anestesiologist showed up to see if I was almost ready for the epidural..but to late

My little one's birth was anything but late. Her due date was Dec1, at 5:30 I woke up and phoned my sis in law becasue it seemed like I was having contracions. I mean I am on my third child so you would think you would know, except with two other children being late I really didnt think it was. At 7 I phoned my hubby to let him know that there was a possibilty he said he would be in the city so call right away if anything comes of it. At 8 I had my daughter phone him and tell him to get home now/ He came home I had nothing packed I mean I am always late so I still had time. Literally by 9 I was curled up on the bed. We called his Aunt to watch the other two and a friend of ours who is a nurse came over to check on his. By this point 9:30 I was leaning against walls almost unable to talk. He suggested we leave now before the baby is born right than and there. I was trying to wait and have my hubby get the dishes done before we We left and the previous night there was a snow storm. The hospital is a half hour drive. We were only doing 60Km but every little bump hurt so I kept telling him to slow down. We got to the hospital and by then I couldnt walk so he wheeled me up. I asked the nurses again for drugs thinking it was going to be a while. She said there was no time I was 10 cm. We were only at the hospital 20 min before my daughter was born. It's funny with her she came into this world in such a rush, on her due date and labour was very fast. She hit every milestone early at 8 mths she was walking. She is my finicky child where everything has to be done just so and if not look out. Things have to e in order for her .
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