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April 2nd, 2007, 08:15 AM
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And CVS is a coupon lover's dream. I guess that'd be a third reason why I like them. They'll let you use all sorts of combinations of coupons to really save money. For example, you can use a CVS coupon for an item (they print out on your receipt), a manufacturer's coupon for the item, a manufacturer's check for the item (like formula ones), a CVS coupon for x amount off on an x amount purchase, plus any extra bucks that you have.[/b]

I've seen you say this before, and I just don't get it! If mine would allow all that, then I'd probably shop there more often (despite being so angry with them). None of the ones here will let you use a coupon of theirs PLUS an extrabucks on the same sale, and if I am using one of their printed coupons, I have to choose between that and the manu coup. They'll only let me use a manu coup in combination with an extrabucks. That's it. I guess all the ones by me just suck booty... They don't allow combinations of any kind (other than the extra bucks with a manu). It's obviously not the CORPORATE POLICY if they let you do it at yours! Liars... If I could save that much, I'd most likely shop there more... But I get my best, best deals using the easysaver at Walgreen's because I can't combine.

Actually... I am pretty proud of my conquest yesterday at Walgreen's. Here's what I got:

one 60 oz. clorox bleach
two clorox ready mop liquid cleaner
one box clorox ready mop pads
one package clorox wipes
colgate total advanced clean toothpaste
colgate 360 toothbrush
4 protein bars
2 bottles of dawn ultra dish detergent

My total after coupons (manuf-7.80, walgreens-1.60) and the special free toothbrush being taken off (3.99), and the advertised specials was 12.08! And it gets sweeter--the clorox has a 5.00 rebate! So I'll get another 5.50 for that (with the bonus), bringing my total for all that stuff down to: 6.58!

I am really mad at myself because I could have saved an extra dollar if I had known that my clorox coupon was preprogrammed to take the whole 2.10 off (free bleach coupon)! I had a 1.00 coupon for the store for the bleach, but I thought the free coupon would only get me the cost, period. I was so wrong. But I am still pretty psyched about getting all that for only 6.58!
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