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April 4th, 2007, 02:17 PM
Pure Innocence
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Why does the mom have to find the alternative to satisfy the fathers needs? No, I don't agree with that at all. The child should not be makinig the sacrafices for the father, the father should be making the sacrifices for the child so his child can have the best nutrition. And sometimes alternatives don't work in a bfing relationship as previously stated.

I believe the mother IS more important for a newborn than the father.

I think the father should be able to come around and spend as much time as he wants with the baby, but the mother needs to be there for feeding. If the father wants to take baby somewhere I think mom should make accomodations to go for the fathers sake.[/b]
Who said alternatives is neglecting a child the best nutrition? If mom is determined that she will not allow opportunity for pumping, nipple confusion, or (god-forbid) supplementing... then mom is stopping the equal and fair opportunity for the child and father to be together.
Pumping can stop milk supply so that doesn't always work.

adding more:

I tried doing the pumping/bottle/breastfeeding thing. But it didn't work. She stopped breastfeeding and only wanted the bottle. That didn't work for me, because her mouth wasn't to my breast so my body couldn't read what kind of antibodies she needed to fight off some colds etc.. Breastmilk changes for the baby because our bodies read it off the baby. But if you only have a peice of plastic pump to the breast the breast won't know what kind of milk to make....which is why straight breastfeeding is what most women do if feasible. The father should make accomodations TEMPORARILY for his child to have the best until the baby is able to be without mommy for hours at a time.
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