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April 4th, 2007, 03:13 PM
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While I agree on the mother having initial custody, while breastfeeding is established, I think it would be erroneous of a mother to simply base her case for custody on the fact that she is breastfeeding.

I hope I am not flamed for this but sometimes I think there is a secret belief that still exists in that a mother is the best caretaker for a child. There have been many a dark day in my house when we would speak of divorce and neither of us was going to relinquish our children. I think that my reluctance had less to do with breastfeeding and more to do with my own belief that no one loves my children more than me, not even their father.

This post has made me think and remember a time with our first born when I did not bond with my son readily at the beginning and it was his daddy who did. His daddy taught me all there was to know about being a mother and worked me through the art of breastfeeding.

Anyhow, just food for thought.
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