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April 5th, 2007, 11:56 AM
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Hi Folks,

I thought I would post here, 'cause I think you ladies would be more likely to understand. My little girl was a planned homebirth, but after 30 hrs of labour, no "progress" - only dilated to 5-6, I opted to transfer, got the epi (hell on earth after the first 30 mins), still didn't dilate, and then I chose to go ahead with the section. By that time I was so exhausted. I felt completely and thoroughly spent. I have owned that decision and have gradually come to a point where I have made peace with it. If (big if) we ever decide to bring another child into this world my choice would be for a VBAC at home in water - with a much better informed momma of the realities of what birth is like for her.

Ok, so fast forward to the current day. My sweetie is almost 10 months old and a bit of a skinny minny. She is (if you buy this sort of thing) in the 5th percentile for weight, 75th for height and 95th for head circumference. Her dad is 6'2" with a really big noggin. I am 5'2" with an average size head. The latest doc said (offhanded) that her noodle is likely the reason that she turned at the last moment and didn't/couldn't enter my pelvis. He mentioned that the next one would likely do the same thing. I have been tossing his comments back and forth in my head and I will confess that they are shaking my confidence... ah the wonderful medical profession. I should know better, but alas...

What do you think? Does this really sound like a case of true CPD? How do I get my confidence back?

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