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April 5th, 2007, 04:18 PM
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Well....I may be a bit biased, new baby boy was 10lb. 12 oz, so i'm not sure if i believe in CPD at all. It took standing and screaming, but out he came. I think that while 30 hours is a bit long for hospital standards, for a first time mom, and a homebirht it's totally normal, my MW says that for first time moms when they begin to labor, she prepares to have it last for three days. And it wasn't until hour 27 with my second, that we started to prepare for a baby actually coming out, i had been at 5 all darn day and night, but i am sure if i had been at a hospital, they would have declared it CPD too, not so, it just took a bit longer for that big ol head to come down. So those are my thoughts. I think you would be totally fine this time. At one point did you declare it labnor last time? WHen did the MW arrive? How much sleep and food did you have?

Also, many women in HB's not only fail to dilate faster upon transfer, some actually UNdilate, it's the change of environment/tensing that can happen. So while the doc cites the head as the reason, i would wager that the doc was the issue
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