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April 5th, 2007, 08:37 PM
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Hi! I'm Debbie and I have 3 bio boys. My husband and I have thought about adopting one day when the boys are older (maybe I'll try to adopt a girl !!). Anyway, I am a social worker and work for the Department of Social Services in Adoptions. A lot of people do not know this, but we do adoptions from foster care for free!! We do a free training and home study and place kids in your home. Most people think it is only older children (though we have those that need homes also), but we often get babies, too. Just in my little county in MD, 7 of my previous moms (that we terminated parental rights on) have had new babies in the last 4 months and all of those babies were placed and have a good shot at being adopted very young since the mothers have already lost kids. Also, with foster care, you get a monthly stipend (in Maryland it is over $600 per month). Also, after the adoption, we offer subsidies (you heard right) which are almost as much per month. This is because the children may have special needs (because we may not know their background or mom was an addict and we are not sure about whether she used during pregnancy). However, most of these children are healthy and may just be a little delayed because they were born early (because of mom's health or drug use). They usually catch up and become great kids that just needed homes. Just something to think about. Just wanted to say you don't have to be rich to adopt. For some reason I feel God called me to write this. Maybe someone needs to read it. I usually stick to the Frugal Mommies board and the Working Mommies board, but decided to branch out today.[/b]
We have been trying to finalize an adoption through CPS for 2 years now. We are doing a Kinship adoption and rights were terminated only 1 month after we are STILL waiting for CPS to get their act together to get this final and move on with our lives. Its highly frustrating, and while I would NEVER give my child up for the world, I would suggest foster/adopting (or Legal Risk Adopting) through an Agency that partners with CPS or has a Contract with them. Agencies have more services to offer and from what I understand they are better able to mediate and make sure CPS gets their stuff together to get things done.
Im not blaming you, please dont take it that way, I just want others to know. Sounds like you have a better system up there than we do down here in Texas!
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