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April 5th, 2007, 08:45 PM
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Who do you contact if you're interested in adopting from foster care? Do you contact DSS in your state directly? Can you adopt through DSS from other states? ex- I live in NH, can I adopt through the MA DSS?

Please see other post I made in this thread. But to answer your question:

Contact your local (there should be one in your city or a nearby city) Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) they will be able to hook you up with information on fostering children. Generally if you are fostering to adopt they will only place children with you that are Legal Risk (at risk for termination of parental rights) these children about 15% of the time will be returned for reunification with their original family, but the other 85% they reach TPR and become available for adoption.
You will need to take a PRIDE training class (it may be called something else in your city/state) which goes over parenting techniques and how to handle issue that your children placed with you might come with. If you ALREADY have a child, then you can generally choose what sex child you are willing to adopt. If not, then you dont get a choice. You can also let them know about what age group, ethnicity, and histories you are willing to accept (all children in the system have suffered some form of abuse, neglect etc). Then they will do multiple background checks and a homestudy where they will ask to see the room you plan on keeping the child and see all the baby-proofing etc. Here in Texas it takes about 6 months+ to get certified and be able to bring children in.
Hope that answers your question Plus some!

Hi there! My name is Ivy and just last week we finalized the adoption of our three precious babies from foster care! It is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it. It's stressful, lots of it's just like parenthood. We had a great social worker which made it all the better for us and the kiddos. They are so excited to be out of the system and into a family.

I say, go for it![/b]

I am so happy for you MAMA!!! Congrats on Finalization!!! I wish I could be in your boat right now! Our Social Workers dont want to do their job in a timely manner and therefore we have been sitting with our little girl for 2 years now waiting to finish this and move on! TPR happened just under 2 years ago and we are STILL waiting! I am so ready to get this done and to have the visits stop!
So tell me, what goes on at finalization?
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