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April 8th, 2007, 03:48 PM
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My husband and I are done now after having our daughter a year ago. My husband is a little older than myself and we live in San Diego (downtown) and we enjoy our active lifestyle. I also stay home with my daughter and she is easy to pick up and go anywhere I need to go with her social and easy personality. I count my blessings that we were given and "easy" one. Sometimes, more so in the midwest where I am from people think your nuts for only having one or sometimes I recieve flack? about it.[/b]
You will always get that more than likely. I also have an only child (and I am also an only child), he is 5 1/2 years old now, my husband had a vasectomy 2 years ago and I am also staying on birth control as an added precaution and we still get ignorant people claiming that he won't be social, he'll be shy, etc. But go figure, he is one of the most out going children I have EVER seen. I have never left him crying when I take him to daycare, or when he went to preschool, or if we have a sitter over and we go out to dinner, simply because he is okay to be left with pretty much anyone. He shares VERY well, likes to take stickers and cookies for his friends at daycare and is very giving and affectionate. He gets along with other kids with no problems. I have never had a problem with him hitting, biting, or calling names. He is very well rounded, only or not. I think it is more in the way the parents present it. I do not see him as an only or a multiple, I simply see him as our kid. He doesn't get spoiled because there is only 1 of him, he gets 8-10 presents for x-mas (this includes gifts from family) and 5-6 things for his b-day and that is it. We keep his b-day parties to no more than $150 and $100 of that was a jumper that we rented to keep the kids occupied. It is your life, and your family, and really nobody's business but your own.
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