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April 9th, 2007, 08:51 AM
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I am also adopted. I was adopted at 5 weeks of age. I've always known I was adopted; my parents told me when I was really young so I just grew up knowing. I used to have all kinds of questions and my mom would answer them the best she could and share the information with me that social services gave her.

I sought out my birth mother when I was 19. It only took about a month because she was looking for me too, coincidentally. We were able to do the whole thing through social services.

At the time I was looking only for answers though and not so much for a relationship. After a few months, things fizzled and we lost contact. My adoptive mom died 6 years ago and a while after, I thought about looking for my birth mother again. I finally found her last year in March; they had moved to another state so that's why I'd had trouble finding her again. We now have an e-mail and phone relationship and she is very proud to be a grandmother to my new baby girl![/b]
i was adopted at 6 months of age. I do not know my birth parents. I had a desire to find them when i was a little younger but i dont as much. I am mainly concerned with finding my medical history though, or atleast what disease my birth mother has or had. my birth father has since died (to the best of my knowledge) so I do not desire to search anything out about him. I have always known i was adopted. My adoptive father used to joke that they bought me at the store when i was a baby. When i was in kindergarten my parents sat me down one day and told me that i was adopted and asked me if i had any questions. they told me that they chose me of all the babies in the world. if you want to ask me more info or questions feel free to email me at [email protected]. I would love to talk to you more about adoption, or my personal experiences.
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