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April 9th, 2007, 12:13 PM
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Here's the list for the coupon train:

1. paganempath
2. cinfy
3. tonyarn
4. Bluebunnygirl1
5. nmiracles
7. MandiK
8. mom of 3 boys
9. Kimm5499
10. ~April~
11. ShannonMVT
12. Mommy tuddle
13. Leslie487461
14. Rebecca&theboys
15. frgsonmysox
16. BoxerMom
17. babymamahr01
18. tconway73
19. jhmomofmany
20. pregodego2
21. swtbbyangel
22. mommyinky
23. dingledine
24. sbr0819
25. dzine21
25. mrshowdy
26. SHampton
27. lilac_city_mommy
28. bethsheba
29. postalchick71

I made up a few guidelines to keep the train moving along quickly and (hopefully) not end up in the dead mail at the post office:

1. Try to mail it out within two days of receiving it.
2. Try to keep the weight down-- if it's getting pretty hefty, take out coupons with later expiration dates and keep them until next time.
3. Remember to check expiration dates and throw out expired coupons.

Please PM the person before you with your info ASAP. You don't have to put your return address on the envelope if you don't want to-- "such and so from JM" will be fine.

I'll have DH mail out the first batch in the morning. Let's get couponing!!
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