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April 11th, 2007, 07:20 AM
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<div align="center">Massage</div>
When giving or about to give a massage, cover the body in warm towels and keep room warm. This is so the skin absorbs the oils better through your pores being opened. Essential oils always need to be mixed with a base oil when touching the skin (only a few exceptions).

Base Oils:
sweet almond (versatile)
soybean (thicker & stickier)

DRY SKIN: Add a small amount of jojoba, wheatgerm, or avocado oil to the base.

Now you are ready to add your essential oil(s). Add ONE DROP of essential oil to 1tsp of base oil.

SENSITIVE SKIN/ALLERGIES: try adding one drop to 4tsps of base oil to make sure you don't have any kind of reactions.

<div align="center">
Jump in the shower to wash your body off real quick and loofah your skin so they will absorb the oils better for the bath.
Now that you are clean, you are ready to start your bath. Add the oils AFTER the bath has been run. If you put the oils in while the bath is running the oils will evaporate. The oils will sit on top of the water, but your skin will absorb them as well. Also, it's not so much the fact the oil gets into your's mainly about the scent!
You do not need a base oil for baths. Base oils are used when you want to put essential oils directly on your skin.

<div align="center">
Hand & Foot Baths</div>
Fill a large bowl with water and add 3-4 drops of oil. This helps circulation, tension headaches and migranes.
Aching Feet & Hands: 2peppermint/2lemon
Circulation & Cold: 2lavender/2marjoram
Stiffness: 2rosemary/2pine
(these ratios are not made by me, I got them out of a book a few years ago)

<div align="center">
Steam Inhalations</div>
This is good for opening and relaxing airways and to warm and moisten membranes. Use for nasal congestion, poor breathing, tight/tense chest. This is great for respiratory compmlaints. For strong medicinal effects, use 10 drops, for colds and chest colds use 5 drops for a milder effect.
CAUTION: High Blood Pressure and Asthma seek medical advice
For the right oils that correlate for your specific ailments, just do a google search, or look for a future thread from me.

<div align="center">
Scented Rooms</div>
Potpourri: Place a mixture of scented flowers and leaves (natural) in a bowl with water and heat from underneath, like with a candle. It doesn't last long, but it's potent. For dried stuff, use 1 cup to 2pts of water.
Oil Burners: use 3-4 drops of oil
Bowl of Hot Water: Place a bowl of hot water somewhere in whichever room you want, and add a few drops to the hot water...this will release the scent. (maybe keep a heat source underneath like a candle somehow?)
Others: Candles, incense, and aromatic products. Make sure it's all natural.

<div align="center">Compresses</div>
These are good for sprains and muscular aches. Keep pad on firmly for at least 20 minutes. Be sure to raise the limb if it's swollen (above heart level is best).
Cold Compress: pur cold water over some ice in a bowl, add oils and soak a pad in water before placing over affected area. These are great for strains, sprains, swelling or bruising.
Hot Compress: Use hot water and 3-4 drops of oil to an average sized cereal bowl. These are great for older injuries with no swelling or inflammation, chronic muscle aches, backaches, menstrual pain, arthritic or rheumatic pain.

~Never take oils orally unless prescribed by a doctor
~Always dilute oils
~Don't use one oil for too long, rotate oils or use combination oils. Don't use an oil for longer than 2 weeks at a time.
~Dilute oils a lot for people with skin problems.

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