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April 13th, 2007, 08:21 AM
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The reason I ask is because Brandon is 18. He will be 19 next month. His mom called last night *****ing about him to DH. Brandon is in the Army reserves and will be going active duty after he graduates. (Scares the crap out of DH and I because of all going on overseas.)

I'll give a little background:
Brandon's mom has always been handed things. She feels the world owes her something. Brandon has seen this his entire life and I see history repeating itself. Brandon has overdrawn his account by 450.00, racked up over 1000.00 in cell phone charges in the last couple of months, owes his dad 500.00 for car repairs and his mom 200.00 for car repairs. He has not made an effort to pay anything back to anyone. He has had 3 jobs in 5 months. We refused to put Brandon on our cell phone account when he asked and we refused to buy him a car. His mom gave him her old car which is fine. He didn't take care of it and it cost over 700.00 to get it fixed.

Last night I was livid and told DH it was well past time for Brandon to grow up and start taking responsibilty for his own actions. DH, of course, agrees but WIL is calling wanting all this money and we just don't have it.

My mom was a single mom of three kids. She did not get child support for any of us. (WIL gets over 2000.00 a month in CS for 3 kids and she lives in free housing, who knows how to play the system here?) Anyways, I started working when I was 13 to be able to have above the nessecities. I also saved money. We tried to teach Brandon all this when he was living with us and we seem to have failed in that catergory. (Oh BTW, he went back to live with his mom because we wouldn't buy him a car because he didn't have a job.)

Sorry this got long. I just wonder if some where down the road we didn't mess up with Brandon. I just hope like heck that we are able to instill morals, values and the value of the $$ in Annika and any future children we have.

Holley~ Mommy to Annika Lily (12/28/2005)

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