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April 15th, 2007, 07:56 AM
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Does anyone know how much the big box of Target brand diapers run, and how many are in a box (size 1, 2, 5)?[/b]
I am not sure of the amount that it's in them, but I know they are reasonably priced. I've seen them on sale for 13.99... however, I've done the math before, and you can get better deals on name brand diapers if you keep your eyes peeled!

Also, I plan on doing a big grocery run next weekend and have some "frugal" questions. First of all, what's the best way to keep frozen foods from not getting frost bitten? Next, do you get your meat at a butcher's, the supermarket, Super Wal-mart, Aldi's, where? About how much do you pay for your meat and what kinds do you get?[/b]
First of all--I learned a long time ago not to go to Wal Mart. I don't like their meats. I just don't think they are as high quality as I get at the supermarket. There isn't a butcher (that I know of) around here, so I go with the supermarkets. Usually Save a Lot, Publix, and Winn Dixie.

We buy mostly split chicken breasts (if I find a heck of a deal), boneless skinless chicken breast (also if I find a heck of a deal), and whole chickens (I usually get these), and whole turkey, and I get ground turkey chubs for .99. I don't get ground beef much at all anymore because of cholesterol issues. I can normally pick up whole chickens from .69-.89/lb. Split breasts are usually around .99-1.39/lb (after the deal I find--usually a BOGO), and the boneless skinless chicken breast usually runs 1.49-1.99/lb. (depending on the deal--BOGO's here are better, sometimes Albertson's has them for 1.78 or 1.68/lb.) I'll also get london broils if the price is right--I pick it up when it's between 1.99 and 2.49/lb. I get shoulder roasts at Save a Lot for 2.79/lb. A family pack of three good sized roasts is normally right around 13-14 dollars. I don't do a lot of beef, but we do like to have a treat now and then. Sometimes I get those bagged chicken breasts (frozen) if they are on a really really good deal. They aren't quite as good because they shrink up from the water that's been put in them... but if they're a really good deal, I go with it.

When I find really great deals on meats, I stock up--BIG TIME. I currently have about 200 pounds of meat in my freezer. Part of that is left from all the chicken wings my dad got a deal on! He got them for 12.5 cents a pound! He didn't have a big enough freezer for all that he bought, so he gave some to us, to my sister, and to my brother... That helped a lot!

Have you ever bought a part of an animal (cow or pig)? If so, how much did it run you and how much did you get?[/b]
I remember my parents buying a side of beef (half a cow), and it lasted forEVER! It filled up a good sized chest freezer... and I don't remember how much it cost them, but that would be inconsequential at this point since it was so long ago.

Good luck.

(ps--I never shop without my coupons!!!! )

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