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April 15th, 2007, 10:40 PM
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I buy meat at Meijer and occasionally Save A Lot. I was really impressed with their beef, not so much with their chicken. I love buying frozen chicken breasts or breast tenders when they're BOGO (about every 4-5 weeks here). They run $12 for like 9 pounds, and you get one free. It's the best deal in town (at Meijer, btw). I only buy meat on sale, and keep a solid stock of TVP (textured veggie protein) for when meat isn't on sale and we've some how used our freezer supply. It's pretty cheap stuff, and once re-hydrated can be used in a million ground meat applications without anyone being the wiser. Plus, it has more protein, less fat, and is over all better for it. What can I say, my vegetarian habits die hard.

I, like Zacksmama (we share a brain, me thinks), do not pay more than $2/lb for meat. We've never bought a side of animal, but we've talked about it. I have a plan to order one in the fall from the local organic farmer near my soon to be new house. By then we'll be all moved, and will have a deep freeze large enough to handle a full side. Then, I'll have organic beef for a much lower than supermarket price because of the bulk, and it'll last until I can get it fresh in the spring (when the organic farmer's market reopens). I just can't wait ...
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