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April 16th, 2007, 12:18 PM
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I'm due on Dec. 6, I believe. I'm trying to get DH to come around to the idea of a homebirth. My dream would be to have a UCHB, but since it's our first, I'll have a midwife at least.

Question- I really hate the attitude of 'well I'm the pregnant one so I'll name/dress/whatever the baby the way I want no matter what DH says', but do you think that is an acceptable argument when it comes to birthing? I mean, I'm the one that has to physically do it, so why should I have to work so hard to convince him to let me do it the way I'd feel most comfortable, right? Or am I missing something?[/b]
I don't know. I think it's important to try to bring him around or find a compromise (for example having a midwife instead of trying it unassisted if the idea of UC bothers him) using information he can understand. My DF, right now, has NO IDEA what birth will actually look like, etc. He's read a little but it's not real to him yet. So to explain it I had to use the poo analogy. I think it's up in a sticky at the top here.

If you're someone who wants to birth at home, it is because you really do think it's better and healthier for mom and baby. That's the difference I see. And that's why I'd say forget him. In the same vein if I went temporarily insane and didn't want to allow a lifesaving operating on my kid, I hope he would disregard my wishes and do it anyway! Importance is the difference to me. Is this thing more important than your relationship, or less important? If it's more important do what you think is right. If less, compromise.
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