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April 19th, 2007, 10:18 AM
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name - Taryn
child's name and age- Baylee Elizabeth almost 6 months
sibling's name(s) and age(s)- baylee has none....I have four (2 brothers, 2 sisters)
significant other's name - Justin
where do you live? - Brock, TX (about an hour west of fort worth

what is your favorite:
color- Pink/brown
beverage - Coke....but now it's cherry coke zero cus I'm working on losing this baby weight
food - hummm thats hard....I LOVE cinabon cinnamon rolls
junk food - wait my "food" was probably a junk food
song - oh jeez this changes all the time, at the moment I love 'how does it feel-kyle bennet band
TV show - house or law and order
movie - i dunno....I'm the type that rarely watches a movie more than once or twice
how do you like to relax? - I recently discovered that trips to the gym are seriously relaxing for me
how many children do you want? - two or three
do you like sports? - ummmmm not really
if so, what sports and teams? - N/A
what is your dream job? - actually I used to have different ideas of "dream job" now I realize I have it...I am a stay at home mom....if I can't say that....I would say cps social worker but I dunno if I could handle it for long....seems emotionally taxing
what is your guilty pleasure? - hummm don't think I've found one....used to be a good margarita but I don't drink anymore
are you a morning person or a night owl? - morning....I get sleepy sooo early now
do you drink enough water? - not really.....
would you do high school over again? - lemme think about that.....NO
What item that you donít currently possess would you most like to have in your home? - hummmm my washer and dryer....well I posses them but they aren't in my home at the moment lets say a jacuzzi bath tub
tell us something about yourself not on this list - I am in LOVE with scrapbooking but I really suck at it lol
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