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April 20th, 2007, 10:27 PM
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First congratson your pg!

Second - Ill warn you Im so leaning towards the birthing center

Ok, one thing at a time - first things first, yes if you talk to your mW she will likely lean you towards a hospital birht especially if she works in a hospital. There are a couple different kinds of midwives - some more medically minded than others. And if you guys are military - that means that your MW is probably affiliated with the base right? And that means shes a Certified Nurse Midwife & medically trained by OBs. NOT quite the same as a direct entry (traditional) midwife. Sometimes they do follow more of a midwifery m odel of care but esp with the military, as a doula I tend to find that they follow the medical model of care more often than not. Theyll claim they dont, b/c they see themselves as different, but when it comes down to it, they usually do. Her opinion on Birthing centers though - it cant hurt to ask but bear in mind what ive said when she answers. If she doesnt lean you towards a birthing center, or whateve r- it may not have anythign to do with whats best for you -b ut more so what is within her own personal comfort zone as a result of her training

Also remember that midwives & OBs that deliver in hospitals rarely see a natural birth. MWs who assist with births in birthing centers see them all the time - and between the two you will get two very different views on natural chidlbirth. The general answer from a hospital person about natural childbirth wont be so inviting, comforting, or encouraging. THey see women hwo usually arent prepared for a natural chidlbirth, may not have had preventative care (contrary to popular belief standard medical care by an OB isnt really a preventative type of care - its managed meaning they manage problems as they come up not prevent them).

So - do your research on natural childbirth. For a woman who is prepared, and who has a good support system wether this is your DH, mother, sister, friend, or a doula (or more than one of those), womenw ith natural childbirths tend to report a greater satisfaction and less pain than women who received pain medication. Sounds odd no? But women who receive drugs often report greater pain afterwards as well, when there are no endorphins to counter act. During a natural labor your body produces endorphins, a type of natural pain releiver. And with water births - well showers & birth tubs arent called natures epidural for no reason

I personally have had one hospital birth with an epidural, and one home birth all naturally in the water. I will do the water birth 10 times over anywhere before Ill do another epidural birth in a hospital. 10 times better birth, 20 times better recovery.

Now - for your concerns about health. protein in the urine - I can tell you with about 98% certainty that it was a direct result of your diet. Protein spilling into your urine is a direct result of not getting enough protein. Theres a long winded scientific medical explanation - check out It will discuss the Brewer Pregnancy diet. Read it Protein is most likely to spill into the urine in 3rd trimester when women need the most protein - they need the most protein at this point b/c this is when the most development is going on with the brain - and that requires a LTO of protein. It is the building block of everything.

His diet suggests pg women eat 75 - 100 grams of protein MINIMUM a day. Women who followed his diet with the recommended amount of protein had ZERO occurances of toxemia/pre-eclampsia.

And - a little protein in your urine is usually fixed asap with eating a chicken sandwich & a couple of eggs (or a couple glasses of milk - hey even a bowl of ice cream!).

Usually they take the urine at some point in the ay when you havent eaten lately or havent eaten well, ur rushed to your appt, been waiting for god knows how long,e tc - and then they dont bother to tell you what you can do to fix it. They label you a potential risk and its suddenly a good reason to schedule you for an induction so that they can be sure yorue delivered during business hours. (typically).

Anyways - do some research, I wont talk yoru ear off

Good luck!


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