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April 21st, 2007, 10:05 PM
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Just jumping in here.. I had a hospital birth and while they treated us great, and actually caught a serious problem in my daughter for which I'm grateful, if you really want natural, you'll probably have a better chance of that happening in a birthing center. I don't remember a lot during my labor after a certain point, but apparently I was saying I needed drugs.. lol.. but I didn't get them until the doctor was offering them to me, and if he didn't, I don't think I would have gotten any. It's hard to turn it down once you've been offered it, but if you are in a situation where it's not an option you'll just go on without. I also had some problems delivering because my baby was posterior. The nurses were really good at helping me out with different positions, but I think if I had been in a birthing center I may have been given better advice.. so who knows..

Anyway, that's just my experience. Good luck making your decision! It's good to look into this early!

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