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August 4th, 2005, 09:45 AM
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This is not a debate board. This board is not intended to be a religous debate board. If you would like a religous debate board we would be glad to set one up in our debate board section. Please take some time to respond to this post on the Feedback board. We are really interested in your input. Please read

This board was intended for general spiritual concerns for people that do not have a religous affiliation or people that would like support from a more general community. This board is not a Christian board, Catholic board, Protestant board, Muslim board, Buddhist board, Pagan board, or Atheist board. This board is for all faiths. However, this board is NOT open for debates. All debates will be locked. This board purpose is to discuss spirtual paths, share experiences and faith. This board is the perfect place to share prayer requests and devotions with the general community. Please be respectful of other's beliefs when posting here. If you would like a board for your particular faith please respond to the post above and we will be happy to see about setting that up.

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