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April 23rd, 2007, 08:49 PM
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seriously everything would be, cause i don't want those "wish i would have" moments, well at leats not alot fo them. you knwo those things you learn AFTER going through it, i want those tidbits and lessons you all have learned only thorugh experiencing HB. what do i ned to get my home and birthing are ready? wdid you have other older children allowed in the room? what was somehitng you loved about the experience that you would share with the whole world if you could!

thanks on the congrats! first birth, i wanted an all natural no drugs birth, i attended natural birthing lamaze classes and did alot of research online, talked with other moms..everything i thought i could do, i really thoguht i was going to be able to do it! but i was given 3 different due dates (feb.7, feb 9, then feb 1) so that did not help at all and the fact that iw as youing and although i centered my pregnancy around a natural birth, i didn't educate myself on the other things that COULD happen, like the effects of pitocin and demoral! so they ended up trying to induce me, it didn't work and i ended u in an emergency section. i was so doped up on demoral thogh i don't even remember much. and my son had formula before even BFing cause i was asleep for 4 hours afterwards. my baby was born at 7 and i didn't meet him until 11

then pregnancy #2 came and with living in nevada, i basically had no choice, or so i thought, and went along with the once a c-section always a c-section althoguh i was now aware of VBACS....i didn't even know of such things as homebirths still existing. so then once i had baby #2 by planned c-section, i got invilved with LLL and it's all uphill form there. BFed for 21 months (we just weaned, well he weaned himself im not raedy for it to be over lol ) and then cloth diapering and now i realized there's homebirth choice! and i have already talked with the midwife i have chosen and she has successfully done over 1500 births and many many VBACS with more than one prior cesarean.
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