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April 27th, 2007, 09:06 AM
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Thank you. I still have one month to prepare, so if the book doesn't give me enough information I will go to the sources. Thank you for the information. I think that I will be checking in here more often for you to look at my chart...I need to start it up thermometer broke. What time of day do you check for CM and CP? I think I will start out only with CM, but I would like to know.[/b]

You pay attention to your mucus all day long - as you're walking around during the day, try to notice what you feel at the vulva. Do you feel wet? Do you feel nothing? Do you feel sticky? Do you feel slippery? Use your own words to describe what you feel. It's weird at first to start paying so much attention to it, but it quickly becomes second nature. Then you can also check the toilet paper when you go to the bathroom to see if there is anything visible there. Also describe it in your own words.

I would reccomend avoiding checking your cervix. It is the least reliable fertility sign, and internal examinations can compromise the accuracy of your mucus observations. Here's why - the mucus goes through important changes as it passes through the vagina over glands called the Pockets of Shaw. When a woman is infertile, the mucus dries up as it passes through the vagina. So, if she were to go looking for it internally she might think she was fertile more than she really was because the mucus hasn't had a chance to go through those important changes.

If you *must* check your cervix, do it at the end of the day after you have made your final mucus observation. Pay attention to the position of the cervix only and disregard any mucus you find internally. The cervix position can fluctuate a lot during the day, due to gravity or a bowel movement or other things - so that might actually just confuse you.

Learn the basics - mucus and temps - and then once you've mastered those, you can try the cervix if it would make you more confident.

If you are planning use mucus only at first, then instead of reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility - I would reccomend reading the Billings Ovulation Method by Dr. Lyn Billings and Ann Westmore. You can also find this at your local library. It will go into a lot more detail for learning your mucus pattern and also has an entire chapter about coming off of hormonal contraception and what to expect.

Best wishes!
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