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April 27th, 2007, 12:30 PM
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I think you should carefully research the company that is involved. Some of them are only after your money, telling you you have to pay for this and that. I would make sure you know exactly what the pics would be used for and that you will maintain rights to what they are used for.

I don't see anything wrong with doing things like modeling baby products and stuff like that.

Just be careful because sadly there are too many shady companies out there.[/b]
Well this is actually a friend of mine who is a photographer (he took some pictures of her a month ago) so I'm pretty sure he is not scamming me...I fell for that ruse when I was a teenager though. Paid John Casablancas $1000 to take a couple crappy pics and learn how to walk with a book on my head

Well if it is someone you know and trust and you feel comfortable then go for it. I have heard stories about John Casablancas and Barbizon which is why I had said be careful. There is always someone out trying to scam some money.

Your daughter is beautiful and as long as you feel comfortable with what the pics are used for then I don't think there is any reason why you shouldn't do it.

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