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April 27th, 2007, 01:12 PM
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Not entirely sure if I belong here or not.

I'm not having a home birth, but the next best thing! I'm due in Dec. I am not near enough to a hospital in the off chance (I know, long shot, but still....) that something should go wrong to risk having a home birth, but I found my birth center! I went and met with the midwife on Tuesday, and I love their facility. They have a big tub for water birth (or just for laboring in) or two giant beds. She said that I'll be free to go after I've urinated and my bleeding's under control. She said it's usually 4-6 hours. woot!

I'll so love that, since I am [planning to be] still breastfeeding my [now] 14 month old. I am also interested in having my other daughters (who will be 8 and 10 then) in there with me. They are so much more family friendly than the hospital.

Anyway--I wish I lived closer to a good hospital so I could have a homebirth, but I'm doing the next best thing--no medical intervention! This will be my first w/o medical intervention (although not my first au natural)
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