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April 28th, 2007, 05:40 PM
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There aren't as many pageants who go natural as there are ones that encourage makeup and all of that.

When it comes to modeling a lot of the decision making is done privately. The babies aren't all lined up and a winner is announced. Most often it begins with pictures being viewed by the people who will make the decision. Then they call in the babies that they want to see based on the photos. Then a decision is made.[/b]
I don't see an awful lot of difference in the baby losing in the pageant or their parent or whoever telling them they didn't get the part... I just don't see this logic standing if you are against it because it judges based soley on looks , I'm not sure if you think that or not(I just know some others against it do feel that way), so I guess I'm just saying either way they are being judged based on looks, and in the case you explained even moreso on looks than at pageants where there are other portions to the contest..... So I see what you are trying to say, but would just want to know more about why you don't like pageants... I know what you mean, but to me there is a fine line between the au natural pageants and the glitz.... and a lot of times there are two seperate categories... I know two moms that put their DD's in pageants, but never the glitz portion. I think there is a big difference between those pageants, but not between modeling and pageants.

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