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April 28th, 2007, 08:41 PM
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1. Did you come off BCP to TTC? and how long were you on it?
I was on BCP to help with AF pain before we got married, but I went off of them shortly after. I had so many side effects and it only slightly helped the pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad I throw up.

2. How long were you TTC before you got your beautiful BFP?
We TTC for half a month (see chart). I feel so bad because it takes people so long. I have a family history of fertility though and my MIL told me it was very easy for each of her children.

3. Did you have any signs or symptoms before your BFP?
Not really. I had some sharp pains around implantation time. I tested when my temps kept going up (sorta triphasic) and most symptoms showed up in the next few days - crampiness, sore bbs, veins on belly and bbs, and major bloating. The only symptom I still have is the veins.
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