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April 30th, 2007, 12:42 PM
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I'm 35 weeks

which means only 2 more weeks till I'm allowed to have my home birth,

my midwife said I could prob get away with it in just over a week,

cause my LMP is a wks diff from my scan dates,

plus if I went into labour now, I would have to call the ambulance and just wait,

till they arrived, and would most likely have given birth before they arrived anyway,

I'm pretty much all sorted, and ready to have this baby,

my midwife brought over a huge bag of hospital towels,sheets etc,

so I dont have to use ours if I dont want to,

which means she would take it all away with her,

and a very small list of suggested things to have on hand,

as she provides most things, (maternaty care here in nz is free, thats why they provived most stuff)


<span style="font-family:Comic">The only things left for me to finalize is who's gonna watch my tribe,

I would kind of like them here at home, but dh would rather they be else where, so i guess I will decide how I'm feeling on the day

[color="#6600cc"]Sorry for rambling, but I'm getting excited, and wish I was 37wks now, </span>[/b]

yay that all sounds wonderful for you, i'm so ecxcited!
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