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May 1st, 2007, 12:07 PM
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Hi all.....this week has been the worst week of my life. I'm in week 17 and have had a few ups and downs ......low progesterone caught in the 5th week.....unknow object in the uterus 7th week...but other than that, I felt pretty good.

Well, last tuesday, dh and I had just gotten done watching american idol and we chatting about it in the kitchen. All of a sudden, I felt a rush like I just peed myself. Husband screemed "dont look" i looked....blood everwhere...I went to the hospital and was released when they saw the baby was alive and my cervix was closed. My obgyn sent me to a high risk pregnancy doctor 2 days later. He did an ultrasound and told me i had a beautiful healthy girl but my placenta had a blood clot that wasnt going away. He also said my placenta was a little low. He told me it could go either way....I would rest and my placenta would heal or the blood clot would cause more damage, I would bleed and lose the baby. He told me to hope for the best. He put me on modified bed rest. That means, i could go to the bathroom, make some lunch sometimes, and go to the bathroom.

last sat, It happened again....The rush of blood. I was in the hospital again. The doctor did an ultra sound and saw the beautiful healthy baby again. I begged him to look at my placenta but he told me he didnt do that.....he just wanted to make sure my cervix was closed and the baby was healthy.

yesterday, I was released from the hospital. My obgyn begged my insurance to keep me but since my baby had a strong heart beat and i was only bleeding brown blood, I had to go home.

so, in two weeks, I see the high risk doctor again for a level 2 ultrasound. Until then , I can't get out of bed. Im scared and lonely and i can't poo...havent done that in a week. Im the principle of a music school which I closed down for the durration of my bed rest so we have no money. My husband has to work 16 hour days to get us by. I feel so sorry for him.

i feel unshaven, dirty, uncomfortable, scared, depressed. Im the kind of girl who lived to be outside and running around.

has anyone gone through this and turned out a healthy baby....has anyone had a bleed so early in their pregnancy and delevered normally? It's so sad, guys! if there were some problem with my baby, i would understand!!!!!!! but....for my baby to die healthy becuase of a $$#@#@%# placenta's such a waste.....such a ###### waste

We call our baby alexandra....alex for short. We were going to name her lilly or melody but considering all she's had to go through, we didnt think she would want a prissy name.

good news is, my cervix is bleeding is only a little brown. You'd think i would be comforted by this but my bleeding went away the first time too.

thanks for listening. I feel better just getting it out
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