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May 1st, 2007, 12:24 PM
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oh my goodness! you've been through so much!! i'm glad alex is okay.

i'm not in your situation and i haven't heard about placenta problems causing such bleeding. that's scary. i do know women who've had placenta previa and gone onto deliver healthy babies. so i will be with you in hoping for the best- that the clot heals and you can go on to deliver a healthy baby!

i am also on bedrest and i can identify with you financially. my dh is working 60 hours a week to pay bills and try to save for the baby when he comes. we will have to pay a lot for insurance and i'm at risk of having a preemie. so i'm alone most of the time and i hate bedrest. I feel like i'm just wasting time until the baby finally comes. the weather's finally nice here and i want to go ride my bike and take walks and just go out! you know, celebrate this wonderful pregnancy! it makes me sad when people talk about how much they love or loved being pregnant and i'm not feeling like that at all!

but i do have a suggestion for the pooping- try taking two colace pills a night. i think it's harder to get your bowels working when you're on bedrest, but its important that you do because you don't want them putting any extra pressure on your uterus or your cervix right now. colace is safe for pregnant women.

best of luck!
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