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May 1st, 2007, 01:00 PM
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Hey there -

I am considering homebirth for a multitude of reasons (was SO close to natural birth with DS - know I can do it myself without nurses and drs trying to drug me, comfort of home, etc).

Anyway, my doula, who is also a licensed midwife, is coming over this weekend to talk to DH and I about homebirth and answer our questions. Just thought i would run my list of questions by all you since there are so many HB vets on here:


How much does it cost?
$2500 is the norm

Does insurance usually pay?
No, but depends on the state
What medical supplies/instruments will be on hand?
She can answer that one, she'll prob bring various hemostats and scissors for clamping and the cord
What medical supplies will I need to buy? And where?
Probably just a birht kit, I got mine from Precious Arrows
How do we make sure I stay hydrated during labor?
Water, or juice, I chugged gatorade like it was going out of stule
How do you recommend we handle Tyler (he will be 15/16 months) during active birth?
If you don't want to send him away then have someone *likeminded* to come care for him while you labor and birth
How often will cervical checks be done?
Only as often as you feel are necessary, my MW only checked when I asked
Where do most women end up delivering? (bed, floor, stool, tub, etc?) How do we prepare that place to avoid mess and horrible clean-up? Lots of plastic sheets or shower curtains on the floor, there really isn't that much mess though the water breaking makes a mess, but it's not hard to clean. You deliver where you end up if you ask me, we spent 12 hours fililng my birth tub, and I had him in bed, go figure. Wherever you are most comfortable will be the place you gravitate to.

How many birth assistants (midwife/doula) will be on hand?

How do we handle the medical waste (placenta/cord, etc)?
Unless you want a lotus birht. Throw it away, or freeze it if you aren't going to use it within a few says, all the same rules apply as raw meat
How do we handle Vitamin K shot, baby weight?
You don't need the shot unless you really think it's necessary, MW will have a baby scale

How do we get a birth certificate?
Vital records will send you a form upon request

At what point do we go to a hospital if we have to?
Well, when you have to, if you have to. The only things I would personally transfer for are cord prolapse that would be better dealt with un a hospital, bhowever, I have faith in my MW to handle that at home, basically they are so fewer complications in home, that you don't have much to worry about.

When does the midwife and doula leave?
When everything is cleaned up

How do we do the hearing test (can they do that at the pedís office)?
yes, my MW had the machine and did it at my PP visit
What about after care for me (giant maxis, pads for the bed)?
Same as last time darlin, maxi pads, maybe keep some chux pads handy, i plastic sheeted my bed before the birrth
What if I tear? They said I had internal tears with Ty, and they did give me a couple of stitchs (which I can still feel). She can stitch you if you need it[/b]
You asked great questions, so I just thought I would answer them and maybe they will lead to more, hth!
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