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May 1st, 2007, 01:59 PM
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hi further...i faced very similar circumstances early on in my pregnancy. i had bleeding throughout the 1st and 2nd trimesters. i wasn't put on bedrest at first; just told to take it easy and that the baby looks ok. then at 24 weeks i started having preterm labor. they stopped it with tributaline shots etc. they finally sent me to a specialist who found the bloodclot in my placenta that had been causing the bleeding. they also told me i had a shoretened cervix and a low-lying placenta.

to make a very long story short, i went on complete bedrest and was told that i would probably stay on bedrest for rest of pregnancy. i also went on contraction meds every 6 hrs. which i've been taking ever since. ...luckily, my placenta moved up, my cervix lengthened, and they now think my small placental abruption w/clot may have healed itself. they will let me deliver vaginally, but will monitor very closely and do c-section at first sign of trouble. it's been a long road, but i'm almost 37 weeks!!

during one of my hospital stays, my roomie had placenta previa - she said the hard thing with previa is that you need to get to hospital ASAP when a major bleed occurs. she lived too far so had to stay in hospital last few weeks. she had her section at 34 weeks (b/c of pre-eclampsia). her baby only had to stay in hospital for less than a week and is healthy and happy! sprouthead, i take 2 colace a day for the constipation...just the softener one. (i think there's one that also has laxative in it.)

i know none of this probably helps with any of your worries but just wanted you to know we're here for you!! feel free to PM anytime. the gals i've met through the JM boards have gotten me through a lot of rough days.

btw, alexandra is such a beautiful name! i wish you all the best. keep us will be in my t&p's.
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