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May 1st, 2007, 02:21 PM
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How much does it cost?
2000-5000 is the range I have heard.

Does insurance usually pay?
i would say not usually, but it depends on the state and on your insurance.

What medical supplies/instruments will be on hand?
your midwife will bring many of her own things, but she will also ask you to purchase a birth kit, probably. If you go to precious arrows, you can see what the birth kit contents are and if you want the basic one or a more fully stocked one. You can also get recommndations from other homebirth moms on what they found useful that was not in a usual, birth kit. Having 3 kids already, my afterpains are really really bad. I like the AfterEase tincture, taking more of that than Ibuprofen for afterpains. I got that on too.

What medical supplies will I need to buy? And where?
she will bring the medical supplies that arent in the birth kit.

How do we make sure I stay hydrated during labor?
make sure you have what you'd want around during labor, juices, water, sports drinks.. ice chips if that is something youd want, or even popsicles... and orange juice for after was recommended by my Bradley instructor.

How do you recommend we handle Tyler (he will be 15/16 months) during active birth?
You might ask your midwife to bring one of her own kids if she has an appropriate aged daughter (this is waht my midwife does for me), or like Abbey said, a likeminded friend that your son is comfortable with. Defeinitely try to hve childcare coverage, either in your house or out of your house. I prefer in my house.

How often will cervical checks be done?
none if you dont want them. At your weekly viists starting at 38 weeks if you do. I hve to request them if I want them from my midwife, she doesnt offer.

Where do most women end up delivering? (bed, floor, stool, tub, etc?) How do we prepare that place to avoid mess and horrible clean-up?
I would guess bed, but I have waterbirths. You'll want a few shower curtains, and some of the chux pads from your birth kit on the bed for after.

How many birth assistants (midwife/doula) will be on hand?
my midwife brings an assistant/apprentice, and I can have her bring a doula. If youre hiring a doula, its good to know if theyve worked together before or wish to, and are compatible, in my opinion.

How do we handle the medical waste (placenta/cord, etc)?
we froze ours, but some midwives will take it for you and bury it in their garden at home, depending on the season of the year.

How do we handle Vitamin K shot, baby weight?
no shot was administered at my house, she did do the PKU blood draw a week post partum after breastfeeding had bene established. She carries a baby scale, and your birth kit will likely come with a tape meausre for baby measuring.

How do we get a birth certificate?
vital records in your city/state. We have to bring proof of rpegnancy, proof of live birth (our baby), proof of address, mom and dad and our drivers license/identification.

At what point do we go to a hospital if we have to?
that will depend on what reason your transfer is for, if you have one.

When does the midwife and doula leave?
Mine leaves between 3 and 6 hours after the birth. Usually that depnds on how your blood pressure is doing, how functional you seem, and if you have others present to care for you and the baby.

How do we do the hearing test (can they do that at the pedís office)?
we have had a person from the health department come and do ours in the past, they are notified of homebirths after you apply for the birth certificate, and they and contacted us. But since Abbey and I have the same midwife, it looks like some midwives can do it themselves.

What about after care for me (giant maxis, pads for the bed)?
same as Abbey, have chux pads, large maxis, maybe some frozen maxi pads in the freezer for right after, a peri bottle and solution can be ordered in your birth kit also. And that AfterEase tincture I mentioned might come in handy. I like to hve someone at home in addition to my husband in the first few nights before my mom gets here. A friend who is willing to sleep over and get up with you in the night to help with diapers and feeding (depnds on how out of it you feel like you might be, or how many other kids you have that might be wakeful that your DH might have to be dealing with instead of helping you with baby).

What if I tear? They said I had internal tears with Ty, and they did give me a couple of stitchs (which I can still feel).
My midwife does the stitching. Im not sure if she would have you see anyone else if the tearing was really bad, mine have been minimal at 2 stitches apiece.

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