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May 2nd, 2007, 12:16 AM
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The answer to most of these are "it depends" - and it depends on a great # of things... Ill answer the best i can too

How much does it cost?
This varies, and is sometimes negotiable, and most will let you spread out payments. Ours was around $1700, and we had to buy the birth kit (about $50)

Does insurance usually pay?
Some do some dont. ours would only pay for a licensed midwife, and then it applied the standard in network vs. out of network. But our midwife wasnt licensed (a lay midwife) so it wouldnt cover it. Had she been licensed, shed have been out of network, and they would have paid 60% - but b/c she was independent, likely we would have filed insurance after the birth and gotten reimbursed for that portion. Every situation is different, and even if most insurances SAY they wont pay - you can sometimes make an appeal & if you back yourself up with studies & statistics & show it benefits them and you if they cover it, then you may get them to

What medical supplies/instruments will be on hand?
Generally antyhign that woudl be in a hospital room/birthing center - but its sepcific to each mw - ours has oxygen, all the usual supplies for an emergency episiotomy, emergency pitocin, emergency stitches, etc.

What medical supplies will I need to buy? And where?
usually the MW will have you purchase a birth kit - some MWs stock their own others go through different websites. Shell let you know And shell either gve you a list or some websites allow MWs to create their own, then they give you like a code or whatever (thats what ours did).

How do we make sure I stay hydrated during labor?
Drink water

How do you recommend we handle Tyler (he will be 15/16 months) during active birth?
it depends on the child. I would always recommend having an extra person there just for the child - just in case you need extra attention, they need extra attention, etc.

How often will cervical checks be done?
Most MWs dont do them often, or they do them at your request - this will depend on your MW. My MW preferred not to do them - and shes had some births where she did none. Otherwise - she slaps on a pair of sterile glvoes & does them like anyone else would

Where do most women end up delivering? (bed, floor, stool, tub, etc?) How do we prepare that place to avoid mess and horrible clean-up?
I would say theres probably not a "normal". And theres far less mess than youd expect. Many women tend to migrate to the part of the house that theyre most comfortable in. Usually your MW will have her supplies on a tray so theyre portable & there will be a plastic sheet shell follow you around with we used a vinyl tablecloth (theyre cheaper & more durable than a normal plastic sheet).

How many birth assistants (midwife/doula) will be on hand? At least 1 in most situations

How do we handle the medical waste (placenta/cord, etc)?
Your MW will usually work that out with you. Most MWs will give you the placenta to do what you wish with (plant, etc). Some MWs will take it and dispose of it for you if you dont want it.

How do we handle Vitamin K shot, baby weight?
The MW will have a scale - and most MWs only admnister Vit K in an emergency situation or where there is a need (bruising, etc). Really & truly Vit K is rarely necessary.

How do we get a birth certificate?
Most MWs will coordinate this. We filed for our own at our local Vital Statistics office. We just went in, filled out a form, had the baby with us, and they mailed it to us.

At what point do we go to a hospital if we have to?
As soon as necessary. If all goes well, youll never go. Its a decision the MW will usually make with you.

When does the midwife and doula leave?
usually around 4 hours postpartum - give or take depending on the situation. As a doula I usually leave within 2 hours or ocne everyone is settled in. The MW will stay longer usually to clean up, make sure everything is ok, do some vitals on you & baby, etc.

How do we do the hearing test (can they do that at the pedís office)?
They will do that at the peds office, but its optional. We didnt do it.

What about after care for me (giant maxis, pads for the bed)?
this will usually be in your birth kit or in a birth supply list from the MW

What if I tear? They said I had internal tears with Ty, and they did give me a couple of stitchs (which I can still feel).
Well, keep in mind youll be less likely to tear - MWs generally do perineal massage & take a more mild approach - help you position better, prep things, encourage gentle pushing, etc. If you do tear, it willd epend on the tear. I had two VERY small tears, which we opted not to stitch. She will usually do the stitches if its enough to require it. One thing Ive noticed is hospitals stitch EVERYTHING wether it needs it or not. Seriously, you could have something the equivalent of a paper cut or scratch & the hospital will stitch it - just to bill for it. But I do know in my state, anything past a 3rd degree a MW cant do. But in 25 yrs, b/w two midwives, theyve only encountered one 3rd degree or higher tear.

Hope that clears things up


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