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May 2nd, 2007, 05:22 AM
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<div align="center">Hello, I have created a Birthing Bead Swap in Yahoo Groups, and I am inviting all of you to join.

What are Birthing Beads?

Birthing Beads is a bead swap, once everybody signs up, I will send out a reminder with the number of beads you will need to send. Please send a SASE (preferably padded) with your beads, so I that I can send your swapped beads back to you. The idea of this is that we have one bead from everyone, and we will make "Birthing Beads", you can turn your Birthing Beads into a necklace, bracelet, belt, or just a string of beads that you hold, it all depends on the number of beads you get. When you think of all the positive feelings and thoughts that went into selecting these beads from other swappers, that positive energy is supposed to flow into your body to help ease stress, fear, and pain. So remember, when you are picking out your beads, please make sure you find the "perfect" ones, and always think positive thoughts when you are handling them, because those vobes WILL rub off on others!! Your beads should be 3/4 to 1 cm in diameter with the hole around 2-3mm for stringing on a thicker cord, this is just a suggestion of course.

Click here to join!!</div>
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