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May 2nd, 2007, 07:34 PM
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How much does it cost?
My current midwife is charging us $800 for everything. The mw I saw in Alabama charged $1700.

Does insurance usually pay?
Mine won't this time, but her fee is so low that I'm okay with that.

What medical supplies/instruments will be on hand?

What medical supplies will I need to buy? And where?

Your m/w will typically have her own supply, and she will probably give you a list of supplies to have on hand.

How do we make sure I stay hydrated during labor?
You can drink whatever fluids you need during labor.

How do you recommend we handle Tyler (he will be 15/16 months) during active birth?
I would recommend you have somebody available to babysit, but he might sleep through it if you labor at night.

How often will cervical checks be done?
Cervical exams really are not necessary, but can be done or avoided at your request.

Where do most women end up delivering? (bed, floor, stool, tub, etc?) How do we prepare that place to avoid mess and horrible clean-up?
For my first homebirth I labored on the floor leaning against the bed with some Chux pads and a towel under me, and my water broke just before I was pushing him out. There was no mess to clean up other than the pads to throw away and the towel to toss in the wash. For my last delivery, my water broke while I was on the toilet, and I delivered her in the bathroom floor, again with a couple of towels under me. Again, no mess other than the towels.

How many birth assistants (midwife/doula) will be on hand?
Depends on your preference and what you arrange with the midwife.

How do we handle the medical waste (placenta/cord, etc)?
We buried ours; perhaps your midwife can dispose of it for you if that isn't an option.

How do we handle Vitamin K shot, baby weight?
Vitamin K shots are unnecessary for a healthy newborn; the midwife should have a scale handy for weighing the baby.

How do we get a birth certificate?
This varies according to where you life; contact your state Vital Statistics office or the county registrar.

At what point do we go to a hospital if we have to?
This completely depends on why you would need/choose to go.

When does the midwife and doula leave?
My midwife left about an hour after the delivery.

How do we do the hearing test (can they do that at the pedís office)?
I should think the pediatrician would be able to do that for you. I've never known of hearing tests for newborns to be routine.

What about after care for me (giant maxis, pads for the bed)?
Yes, you will want lots of maxis and pads for the bed; similar to what you would need after coming home from the hospital.

What if I tear? They said I had internal tears with Ty, and they did give me a couple of stitchs (which I can still feel).
Your midwife can treat most tears. Even better, though, she can help you to deliver in such a way that tearing is probably going to be prevented. After "needing" an episiotomy for my first four babies (all born in the typical hospital fashion with me lying flat on my back pushing as hard as I could with a nurse yelling at me) my two home babies came without any tearing at all. The difference is I was upright, and I wasn't rushed into pushing too soon, too long, or too hard.
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