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May 3rd, 2007, 01:43 AM
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LMAO Jennifer, I didn't think I'd be replying to this so soon ...

1. Did you come off BCP to TTC? and how long were you on it?

I was on BCP or other hormonal medications to help control severe endometriosis. I was on medical menopause from 16 through to 24, I then had a year off and went on normal BCP for another 5 years. I came off to start TTC about a month before our wedding.

2. How long were you TTC before you got your beautiful BFP?

We were TTC for 7 months, but because of my long cycles (51 days) this was only my fourth cycle.

3. Did you have any signs or symptoms before your BFP?

LOL DH said I smelt different and that I was extremely whingy and wouldn't stop complaining (not like me), Oh and yeah he was mesmerised by my boobs! I got very tired at 6DPO for a couple of days then was fine but had a weird feeling in my stomach ... didn't think much of it as I've only just been diagnosed as a coeliac so it kind of feels like when I eat wheat ... when I started to crave salt, just had to eat it or I'd be sick feeling I decided it was time to test.

Since my BFP at 10DPO I've started experiencing nausea and I've tried to take notice of my veins, mine are very prominent naturally and now they're not as noticeable. Oh and yeah today at 13DPO I had my first sharp pain in the ab

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