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May 3rd, 2007, 10:40 AM
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Vit K is used because babies do not have clotting abilities for about a week after birth, and there is a 5% chance that babies will get a brain bleed, so they give this to all babies....HOWEVER, that 5% that get the brain bleeds are ones who had head trauma during birth, forceps, c-section, vacuum, kwim....if you are having a natural trauma free birth, there is no need for this, but they still give it to all babies.....we have decided that we will see how the birth goes, and if there is head trauma we will give her the Vit K, however, with having a natural birth, the only head trauma that can happen is if I happen to birth in a squatting position and she falls on her head.......90% change of that not happening, lol.

Eye drops, this one is USELESS. Babies can get pinkeye if bacteria enters their eyes during birth.....only from TWO STDs, just TWO, yet they give thps to all babies, we are declining this, cause...well, I have no STDs and if she manages to get pinkeye, all I have to do is put a couple drops of breast milk in her eyes a couple times a day and it will clear up. Breast milk is much better than man made stuff (obviously). I just think it is funny that they give these drops to all babies, even after testing these women for the STDs, I have never had an STD, yet all 3 of my babies had the drops, they knew I had no STDs cause they test regularly during pregnancy.

I never knew what the Vit K or the eye drops were for either, I was one of those "Well the doctor knows best" type of person....until I started doing research and realized that they do NOT know best, lol.

Good luck!
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