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May 3rd, 2007, 03:03 PM
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COOL! I love crazy ladies who deliver in hotel rooms, i totally understand. Welcome to our board, it's wonderful to see you here, congratulation on your pg and I will pray that the condition does not affect your babe. How is your son, is it serious? May I ask why a hospital would help in that situation? I know it's none of my business..but I'm nosy, lol. How does it affect him?
My son is great I think. He is very behind, he is about to be 3 years old and he can't sit up, crawl or any normal developmental things like that. He is just starting to hold his head up and he rolls around a lot. He has very low muscle tone. He is healthy otherwise though. Basically his brain just doesn't work right so it makes things hard for him. He also has visual impairments.

Most children with Joubert Syndrome need NICU care at birth so that is why I would want to have the baby at a hospital if the baby shows signs of Joubert.

Ask away!


Woo! Coushatta? I live in Natchitoches right now. I'll be back in N.O. by the time baby's born though.

Just wanted to say that, and good luck! I hope you do get to have your HBAC.
hey that isn't to far from me!! To cool!
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