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May 3rd, 2007, 07:21 PM
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GREAT questions!!

How much does it cost? TOTALLY depends on geographic area. In our city, it's $1500-2500. I found a lay midwife just outside the city who charges $1000 for all prenatal, birth, and 3 ppd checks. Some places, you can't find a mw for less than $4000. If you're near the edge of a city, I recommend looking in a more rural area for lower cost.

Does insurance usually pay? Nope, not for us! If we had a CNM, it might have been different. I LOVED our mw though and wouldn't have had anyone else.

What medical supplies/instruments will be on hand? I'm not sure. We had a doppler, oxygen tank, and a couple of cases of medical supplies left here a couple of wks before the birth. I'm not sure what all was there. The doppler came in handy when my water broke with fairly heavy meconium. We made sure the baby was not in distress before the mw could even get here.

What medical supplies will I need to buy? And where? I bought bits and pieces (shoelaces to clamp cord, etc). Some companies like Cascade sell birth kits. Our mw gave us a list of supplies we needed to provide and how to sterilize them.

How do we make sure I stay hydrated during labor? DRINK!

How do you recommend we handle Tyler (he will be 15/16 months) during active birth? I read a book called Children at Birth a few yrs ago. It suggested having an adult available to focus on the child. If you want to give him the option of being present, try to prepare him with videos and discussions of what will happen (esp noises you may make or the sight of blood). He should be able to leave at any point that he feels overwhelmed which means that the person watching him needs to realize that they may not be present at the time of the actual birth.

How often will cervical checks be done? It's up to you. You always have the right to request it or refuse it wherever you birth.

Where do most women end up delivering? (bed, floor, stool, tub, etc?) How do we prepare that place to avoid mess and horrible clean-up? I did not plan to have ds in bed but did just that. I always pictured myself giving birth on the toilet, in the tub, or on the living room floor. I guess I wasn't worried about mess b/c I had like 10 people here so they could always run in front of me with plastic if needed. We used dollar store shower curtains and painting tarps under the bed sheets and available for the floor or wherever.

How many birth assistants (midwife/doula) will be on hand? I just had the mw. She sometimes works with an apprentice but not for my birth. You can hire a separate doula if you want, but my mw really served both purposes.

How do we handle the medical waste (placenta/cord, etc)? We threw it in the trash.

How do we handle Vitamin K shot, baby weight? The mw had a fish scale that she used to weigh the baby. We didn't get the vit K shot.

How do we get a birth certificate? Depends on the state. We just went to the county health dept and filled out a form. DH was listed as the birth attendant because of a gray area in the law about lay midwives.

At what point do we go to a hospital if we have to? Ask the mw. Some of the ones I spoke with transferred more than 50% of their clts. Our mw didn't feel it was necessary even with meconium in the water (I totally agreed with her). Some transfer for slow labors, others just for med emergencies, etc. If at any point, YOU want to go, you always have that option.

When does the midwife and doula leave? Our mw left about 5-6 hrs after the birth. It took a while to wrap everything up. She returned for a 24 hr check up.

How do we do the hearing test (can they do that at the pedís office)? I would think you could get it at any pediatrician's office. Ds never had one.

What about after care for me (giant maxis, pads for the bed)? I recommend putting some chux or towels on the bed to preserve the mattress. I had some disposable undie type things (maybe designed for leaky bladders??) that were great for the first couple of days. Expect a very heavy menstrual flow.

What if I tear? They said I had internal tears with Ty, and they did give me a couple of stitchs (which I can still feel). My mw gave me one stitch. Some do stitches and some don't. You'll want to talk to the mw to see how she handles it.

HTH! Let us know what you decide!
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