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I'm posting a semi birth story but will do the whole thing later after I write it all down in proper order! By the way, this was my first HOME BIRTH...the other two were at a freestanding birth center. I have to say I LOVED DOING THIS AT HOME!!! I was worried I'd be distracted with the kids, the house, all kinds of things but it was AWESOME! I'll never do it any other way after this! My children even decided they wanted to watch the birth so my Mom and husband brought them up as soon as I was pushing and it was just so special. I wasn't sure how I felt about them being there for the birth but it was wonderful and bonding. They adore do we all. I'll post pics later too. My midwife/ND is about to arrive for our 24 hr. check up.

Liberty Tait
Weight 8lb 6oz
Height 19 1/2 inches

SHE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Wow, I was way off on timing. She didn't come until 7:02 PM Pacific Time
I had a long day of labor but the contractions were weird and spaced out from like 7 to 16 minutes all day (after the really steady ones in the early AM). They were really intense though when I'd have them but it was nice to have lots of time in between...although it made me feel like it was going to go on forever. I started getting antisocial just after 6PM and went upstairs to my bedroom to be alone and that’s when the contractions started coming really close and I could feel the baby move down. Definitely time to get in the tub. I got in then got right back out to use the restroom...empty the bladder. I had SOOO much pressure and was just sure I needed to have a BM (well...all day I felt this way) but I never had it so intensely with my other two labors. Never did have the BM...It was just the baby pressure. Anyhow, I got in the birth tub with my husband standing by to help if I needed anything. The baby was born like 12 minutes later. My first contraction in the tub I felt a little "pushy" so I told my husband to let the midwives know and they came on in. The next contraction I did push and felt a little sting so I knew the head was right there wanting out. Then on the next contraction the head came out and on the third, the rest of her little body. I got to bring her up out of the water to my chest myself. I hadn't done that with the others. It was so sweet. Anyhow...She's absolutely perfect. She had good APGAR scores and is so alert. She had a perfectly round head…not cone headed at all. LOTS of black hair…with blonde eyebrows, so I’m guessing she’ll follow in her sibling’s footsteps and turn blonde before too long. I was hoping for ONE redheaded baby since I have red hair. Guess I’ll just have to have another! Ha ha. I had no tearing or anything…just a little “skid mark” that isn’t even bothering me. Anyhow it took half an hour to deliver the placenta (I HATE THAT PART). They had already cut the cord because it stopped pulsing and let my husband hold her while I did the placenta thing. Then I got into my bed and got to feed the baby and rest. AHHHH…nothing as wonderful in the whole world as finally resting after pushing a baby out! Anyhow, we had a good night, she’s eating well, and all bodily functions are good. She’s so alert and making all those cute little baby noises. I’ll post a photo later today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes!!!
Blessings to everyone else and their own sweet babies and to those of you still awaiting the arrival of your little one!

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