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August 8th, 2005, 09:17 AM
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I can completely understand this as I was in tears this weekend with Sarah. She didn't eat hardly anything this weekend and I tried so hard. Everytime I would try to feed her solids she would smack at the spoon flinging food everywhere and if I could manage to get it to her mouth she would turn away quickly. I don't think she was feeling good as she kept sneezing and had lots of muscous and snot running for her nose. Last night she vomitted 4 times as I tried to push a little more through the NG tube last night as she has lost over 10oz this weekend in weight. I know our nutritionist isn't going to be happy but I did everything I could and Sarah wanted nothing to do with it. I knew when she wouldn't eat her cheese she wasn't herself. She was happy but neither she or Mason would nap at all this weekend which kept me absolutely busy as my husband decided to be completely worthless and selfish this weekend (sorry mad at him at the moment) and not help me in the least bit with the kids and decided to work behind closed doors in his office and not once offer to help until it was too late. Sarah was doing so well the past 2 weeks so I'm hoping we get past this and she takes back up eating. We were in hopes that she would continue to eat more orally so we could try to take her off the tube feeds at night and she what she does and if her hunger kicks in. But with this weight loss I don't think that is going to happen. That means that in about a month she hasn't lost weight but she hasn't gained either so I don't know what to do. I asked my mom and our friend who watch them if she eats from a spoon for them and they said yes, for some reason she didn't with me this weekend and she prefers finger foods but is picky there anyway. She didn't drink as much pediasure as she usually does so I'm just hoping this weekend was just she's not feeling well and we will get back to eating again. It's so frustrating and half the time I feel like a failure when she won't eat but I know I can't make her and all I can do is keep offering it to her and maybe one day she will take off and it won't be so difficult.
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