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August 8th, 2005, 11:00 AM
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I had to take Isaac to the non urgent clinic yesterday because he still has thrush..The first time the meds were suppose to last 10 days but only lasted 8(I followed the dosage perfectly)..The dr on call was a complete ***** and pretty much told me it was something I was doing wrong..He first of all couldn't understand where I was telling him the white thingys were..I said on his gums and he kept saying that his tongue looked good(which I knew cause it wasn't on his tongue) He couldn't see anything on his gums til he hit on with a tongue depressor causing Isaac to freak..which made me pissy and I literally had to show him where they were..which wasn't hard cause you could see them plain as day... Ya know sometimes I really worry about the "doctors" they are allowing to practice here..Sorry girls about the vent..Ijust can't believe this guy ..It was almost like he had no idea what thrush was!!!!
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