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May 6th, 2007, 01:06 PM
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Thanks ladies!

I chose homebirth this time for a few reasons. I had epidural with both deliveries. The first one only worked on one side. Then this last one really messed me up. It was inserted wrong and they punctured the wrong thing. I had a spinal headache. That basically means that I was leaking spinal fluid and my brain was resting on my skull for lack of fluid. I could barely walk to the bathroom.

So they did a blood patch on me 2 days after I delivered. That is where they take blood from my hand and re-insert it into my spine again through an epidural. That clots the hole they made and stops the leaking. It didn't work. SO they sent me home and asked me to wait a week to see if I felt better. It was the worst week of my life. I had this beautiful new baby and couldn't walk. So I had to have a 2nd blood patch which did work.

So... I decided I never wanted anything else in my spine so long as I could help it. I wanted a natural birth experience. I figured nothing could be as painful as what I went through physically and emotionally losing that first week of my daughter's life.

I knew going to a hospital was out of the question because they hook you up to too much and offer you drugs at your weak moments. So I decided on a home birth. My aunt delivered 3 of my cousins at home and one of my cousins just did her first home birth.

I am excited. Reading up on stuff has made me even more excited. Before I saw the delivery as something to just bear and get through. Now I am feeling it is going to be an experience I anticipate.

Sorry for the novel but you asked!

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