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May 6th, 2007, 09:55 PM
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I'm so embarrased to admit this, but I used to be one of those "I'm never breastfeeding, that's gross" kind of people. DH was so upset and convinced me to nurse our dd for the first few days so she could receive the colostrum. Well - I immediately feel in love with bf and the level of closeness and comfort my nursing relationship has provided my daughter and me. We will be exclusively nursing for 11 months tomorrow, with not one drop of formula, and no plans to stop anytime soon. Has it been easy the whole time - no. Has it been a lot of work - yes.... We had issues with my low supply, my inability to pump for when I need to leave her, a few nursing strikes, and lots and lots of sleepless nights. BUT I would do them all again if I had to. In fact, I can't wait to have another baby just to experience another nursing relationship all again. Out of my group of 6 friends, I am the only one who stuck with the breast feeding. It DOES get easier. When you go back to the doctor for all the milestone appointments and see baby's growth progress and development and think "wow that's because of my milk" it will be the most amazing feeling. When you read newspaper articles about the benefits of breastmilk, you can smile knowing you are giving your baby the absolute best. When you are out at the mall with your friend and her baby and she needs to ask for a cup of warm water to heat her baby's bottle in, you can feed your baby milk at the perfect temperature every time. Bf is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I am SO GLAD I stuck with it!
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