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May 7th, 2007, 08:17 AM
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I just fail to see the relevance in the measure of distance between the hotel room, the children and the parents. The only thing the story should read is "paren't leave young children unsupervised and 3 year old is missing". How far away the restaraunt was does not matter, they left 3 children, the oldest a 3 year old ALONE! For children that age you should never be outside a distance where the children can be clearly heard and reached. Anything can happen! The children could have woken up and been scared, they could have gotten into something and hurt themselves, they could have fallen off the bed, or they worst case scenario which did happen! 40 yards? Well, they might as well have been in a different country. They left their children unsupervised and therefore failed to protect them.
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