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May 7th, 2007, 10:02 PM
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I am feeling really good! Now that we have decided on home birth we are starting to get everything together - I am meeting with my midwife on Wednesday this week to go over what I need to buy (birth kit, etc) and transferring all my medical records for this pregnancy over to her.

Other than that I am pretty much ready - we have moved DS into his "big boy" room (he is still in a crib though) so I can use the nursery for the baby and nursing. He or she will sleep with me or in the co-sleeper at first, but I like having a room I can retreat to - I have a fabulous rocker in there that I love to nurse in - gives me privacy and comfort and that priceless time with my baby.

All our gender neutral clothes have been washed and put away - with DS he just wore those kimono shirts for the first couple of weeks anyway.

Physically I am very blessed to have had a great pregnancy so far - I had a great one with DS too. Other than heartburn and the typical hip aches and pains I have no complaints! Just trying to enjoy every moment I have with DS before the baby comes - he is at such an amazing age and while I can't wait to meet his lil bro or sis I am loving this fleeting time with my first baby. [/b]

That all sounds wonderful, I gotta say HBers seem to have better attitudes in general about pg. I don't know if it's b/c we know that it isn't an accident waiting to happen, or we are more in tune, or what, but being able to come to this board while pg saved my life!
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